Welcome to the adventures of Gemma (me) and Husby (soon to be Hubby). Follow me as I rant, rate, and review; travel, explore, and hide under the covers. Laugh with me as I share amusing anecdotes, laugh at me as I struggle to make simple life decisions like what TV show to watch or what flavour to sprinkle on my popcorn. Engage with me (but don’t be mean – I am overly sensitive and of an extremely anxious disposition). And finally… GO HAWKS!!


The Movie Hat: As Husby and I are terrible at making decisions and typically spend so much time deciding what movie to watch, it ends up being too late to actually watch the movie, we devised The Movie Hat. We made a list of all of the movies we want to watch, wrote them on slips of paper and put them in a hat to picked out at random. We each have one Power of Veto should you really, REALLY not be in the mood for what was picked.

*Please note, the movie hat is now, in reality, a giant Lego Box. That’s how many movies we haven’t seen. It shall always be referred to as The Movie Hat though.

The TV Series Cookie Jar: As above, but for TV series. Strict rules: NO Power of Veto. If the show has multiple seasons, you only watch one season before picking again. Show goes back into the Cookie Jar. In between picking from the Cookie Jar we will watch one season of Supernatural (otherwise we might never finish the damn show!) There will be a separate “Cookie Jar” for new series so that we don’t fall too far behind the times. Yet to be named, *Watch this space*.